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Fiberglass chopped strand mat market reports

Le 7 September 2015, 09:55 dans Humeurs 0

First, the characteristics of fiberglass products:

Fiberglass chopped strand mat is non-directional distribution, even distributing, and with excellent mechanical properties. Chopped strand mat with non-directional distribution that make up the storage of the woven roving has warp and weft distribution. At the same time, it also significantly increased the interlaminar shear strength of fiberglass reinforced plastic products, good cover mold performance, suitable all complex shape of products mold cavity. And good wet-out in resins, it can be arbitrarily cut, simple construction.  And smooth product appearance.

Second, the main application areas and related analysis of chopped strand mat at home and abroad.

Automotive interior market:

Mainly is the powder or emulsion with low gram. The gram from 80g/m2 to 250g/m2 range, on behalf of customers are Antun Salim Group, Italy TARGLASS sales of Fiat, the Korean market, the Japanese market (Honda, Toyota, etc.). China Jiangsu Association on behalf of clients Connaught.

Trunk Truck (including refrigerated trucks) market:

Mainly manufactured for Trunk Truck plates, customers include VETRORESINA, VETROGEL, CHO, Jinan sets.

Common hand lay application market:

Hand lay-up process application market is the most widely used market of chopped strand mat at home and abroad. The main demand is 225-600G / M2 powder and emulsion, the most European countries use emulsion, the customer in North area of China or as a powder-based.

Transparent tile market

Mainly is E glass chopped stand mat powder 225-600g/m2, all of them are transparent. There is a large market in our china mainland, mainly in the vicinity of Jiangsu and Hebei area. Foreign market is also a great amount, mainly in the Middle East, Indonesia and Thailand.

Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat’s Application

Le 7 September 2015, 09:55 dans Humeurs 0

Fiberglass Chopped strand mat is a kind of glass fiber nonwoven reinforcing material by chopping continuous strands into chopped strands of certain length (50mm) and uniformly in combination with polyester binder in powder form or in emulsion form. It's characteristics is even distributing, same character, good wet-out in resins, good overlay capability, excellent mechanical physical and chemical capability.




1. Uniform mass per unit area, no stains and other defects debris,

2. Finished hardness strong, good flexibility.

3. Easy to completely soaked, little bubbles, good process performance.

4. Good mold filling and mold covering, suitable for forming the shape of complex products.

5. Good mechanical properties and chemical properties.


Based on these characteristics, chopped strand mat gradually replace some of the steel material, is widely used in various fields of ships, automobiles, electric meter boxes, furniture, building materials, transparent tiles, greenhouses, and other pipeline corrosion. Is a durable high-tech energy saving products.

The tensile breaking strength of fiberglass chopped strand mat

Le 7 September 2015, 09:52 dans Humeurs 0

Prescribed tensile breaking strength is mainly on account of the use of performance of mat,chopped strand mat strength value is not high, easy to tear, which is one of the good process of the chopped strand mat compared with reinforcement material. But If the mat itself has a small tensile strength, easily damaged for the final products, it will have difficulty to use. Foreign enterprises standards set forth in the tensile strength, and the index value is very high, not only to assess the average, but also the assessment test a single value, while JISIma 41l not specified.

In the standard-setting process, we have a large number of tests for the chopped strand mat tensile breaking strength, from the test values, the chopped strand mat tensile strength test values fluctuate quite large. And it does not follow a normal distribution, which gives value of the index has brought some difficulties. It’s different from Glass fiber fabric and glass fiber yarn, the value of chopped strand mat tensile breaking strength is mainly dependent on the adhesive bonding effect. So the number and quality of the adhesive bond and the binder uniformity becomes the mainly factors that influence chopped strand mat tensile breaking strength.

On the valuation indicators, in addition to reference the foreign companies standard, but a large number of domestic samples tested. Through test single-value to divide the range, and statistics the appears frequency and other methods to finalize the strength index values for different specifications of the mat. After consultation with users that meet the requirements.

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